Data Fields
trap Struct Reference

An actual trap. More...

#include <trap.h>

Data Fields

byte t_idx
 Trap kind index.
struct trap_kindkind
 Trap kind.
struct trapnext
 Next trap in this location.
byte fy
 Location of trap.
byte fx
byte xtra
 Used for door locks, so far.
bitflag flags [TRF_SIZE]
 Trap flags (only this particular trap)

Detailed Description

An actual trap.

Field Documentation

bitflag flags[TRF_SIZE]
byte fx
byte fy

Location of trap.

Referenced by chunk_copy(), chunk_write(), place_trap(), rd_trap(), rd_traps_aux(), and wr_trap().

struct trap_kind* kind
struct trap* next
byte t_idx

Trap kind index.

Referenced by place_trap(), rd_trap(), square_trap_specific(), and wr_trap().

byte xtra

Used for door locks, so far.

Referenced by rd_trap(), square_door_power(), square_set_door_lock(), and wr_trap().

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