Data Fields
png_info_struct Struct Reference

#include <png.h>

Data Fields

png_uint_32 width
png_uint_32 height
png_uint_32 valid
png_uint_32 rowbytes
png_colorp palette
png_uint_16 num_palette
png_uint_16 num_trans
png_byte bit_depth
png_byte color_type
png_byte compression_type
png_byte filter_type
png_byte interlace_type
png_byte channels
png_byte pixel_depth
png_byte spare_byte
png_byte signature [8]
float gamma
png_byte srgb_intent
int num_text
int max_text
png_textp text
png_time mod_time
png_color_8 sig_bit
png_bytep trans
png_color_16 trans_values
png_color_16 background
png_int_32 x_offset
png_int_32 y_offset
png_byte offset_unit_type
png_uint_32 x_pixels_per_unit
png_uint_32 y_pixels_per_unit
png_byte phys_unit_type
png_uint_16p hist
float x_white
float y_white
float x_red
float y_red
float x_green
float y_green
float x_blue
float y_blue
png_charp pcal_purpose
png_int_32 pcal_X0
png_int_32 pcal_X1
png_charp pcal_units
png_charpp pcal_params
png_byte pcal_type
png_byte pcal_nparams
png_uint_32 free_me
png_unknown_chunkp unknown_chunks
png_size_t unknown_chunks_num
png_charp iccp_name
png_charp iccp_profile
png_uint_32 iccp_proflen
png_byte iccp_compression
png_sPLT_tp splt_palettes
png_uint_32 splt_palettes_num
png_byte scal_unit
double scal_pixel_width
double scal_pixel_height
png_charp scal_s_width
png_charp scal_s_height
png_bytepp row_pointers
png_fixed_point int_gamma
png_fixed_point int_x_white
png_fixed_point int_y_white
png_fixed_point int_x_red
png_fixed_point int_y_red
png_fixed_point int_x_green
png_fixed_point int_y_green
png_fixed_point int_x_blue
png_fixed_point int_y_blue

Field Documentation

png_color_16 background
png_byte bit_depth
png_byte channels
png_byte compression_type
png_byte filter_type
png_uint_32 free_me
float gamma
png_uint_32 height
png_byte iccp_compression
png_charp iccp_name
png_charp iccp_profile
png_uint_32 iccp_proflen
png_fixed_point int_gamma
png_fixed_point int_x_blue
png_fixed_point int_x_green
png_fixed_point int_x_red
png_fixed_point int_x_white
png_fixed_point int_y_blue
png_fixed_point int_y_green
png_fixed_point int_y_red
png_fixed_point int_y_white
png_byte interlace_type
int max_text
png_time mod_time
png_uint_16 num_palette
int num_text
png_uint_16 num_trans
png_byte offset_unit_type
png_colorp palette
png_byte pcal_nparams
png_charpp pcal_params
png_charp pcal_purpose
png_byte pcal_type
png_charp pcal_units
png_int_32 pcal_X0
png_int_32 pcal_X1
png_byte phys_unit_type
png_byte pixel_depth
png_bytepp row_pointers
png_uint_32 rowbytes
double scal_pixel_height
double scal_pixel_width
png_charp scal_s_height
png_charp scal_s_width
png_byte scal_unit
png_color_8 sig_bit
png_byte signature
png_byte spare_byte
png_sPLT_tp splt_palettes
png_uint_32 splt_palettes_num
png_byte srgb_intent
png_textp text
png_bytep trans
png_color_16 trans_values
png_unknown_chunkp unknown_chunks
png_size_t unknown_chunks_num
png_uint_32 valid
png_uint_32 width
float x_blue
float x_green
png_int_32 x_offset
png_uint_32 x_pixels_per_unit
float x_red
float x_white
float y_blue
float y_green
png_int_32 y_offset
png_uint_32 y_pixels_per_unit
float y_red
float y_white

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