Data Fields
player_state Struct Reference

All the variable state that changes when you put on/take off equipment. More...

#include <player-calcs.h>

Data Fields

s16b speed
s16b num_blows
s16b num_shots
byte ammo_mult
byte ammo_tval
s16b stat_add [STAT_MAX]
s16b stat_ind [STAT_MAX]
s16b stat_use [STAT_MAX]
s16b stat_top [STAT_MAX]
s16b ac
s16b to_a
s16b to_h
s16b to_d
s16b see_infra
s16b cur_light
s16b skills [SKILL_MAX]
int noise
bool heavy_wield
bool heavy_shoot
bool icky_wield
bool cumber_armor
bool cumber_glove
bitflag flags [OF_SIZE]
bitflag pflags [PF_SIZE]
struct element_info el_info [ELEM_MAX]

Detailed Description

All the variable state that changes when you put on/take off equipment.

Player flags are not currently variable, but useful here so monsters can learn them.

Field Documentation

s16b ac
byte ammo_mult
byte ammo_tval
bool cumber_armor

Referenced by calc_mana().

bool cumber_glove

Referenced by calc_mana().

s16b cur_light

Referenced by calc_torch(), and update_view().

struct element_info el_info[ELEM_MAX]
bitflag flags[OF_SIZE]
bool heavy_shoot
bool heavy_wield
bool icky_wield
int noise
s16b num_blows
s16b num_shots
bitflag pflags[PF_SIZE]
s16b see_infra

Referenced by calc_bonuses(), and get_panel_skills().

s16b skills[SKILL_MAX]
s16b speed
s16b stat_add[STAT_MAX]
s16b stat_ind[STAT_MAX]
s16b stat_top[STAT_MAX]
s16b stat_use[STAT_MAX]
s16b to_a
s16b to_d
s16b to_h

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