Data Fields
player_race Struct Reference

Player racial info. More...

#include <player.h>

Data Fields

struct player_racenext
const char * name
unsigned int ridx
int r_adj [STAT_MAX]
int r_skills [SKILL_MAX]
int r_mhp
int r_exp
int b_age
int m_age
int base_hgt
int mod_hgt
int base_wgt
int mod_wgt
int infra
int body
struct history_charthistory
bitflag flags [OF_SIZE]
bitflag pflags [PF_SIZE]
struct element_info el_info [ELEM_MAX]

Detailed Description

Player racial info.

Field Documentation

int b_age
int base_hgt
int base_wgt
int body

Referenced by parse_p_race_name(), and player_outfit().

struct element_info el_info[ELEM_MAX]
bitflag flags[OF_SIZE]
struct history_chart* history
int infra
int m_age
int mod_hgt
int mod_wgt
const char* name
struct player_race* next
bitflag pflags[PF_SIZE]
int r_adj[STAT_MAX]
int r_exp
int r_mhp
int r_skills[SKILL_MAX]
unsigned int ridx

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