Data Fields
object_kind Struct Reference

Information about object kinds, including player knowledge. More...

#include <object.h>

Data Fields

char * name
char * text
struct object_kindnext
u32b kidx
int tval
 General object type (see TV_ macros)
int sval
 Object sub-type.
random_value pval
random_value to_h
 Bonus to hit.
random_value to_d
 Bonus to damage.
random_value to_a
 Bonus to armor.
int ac
 Base armor.
int dd
 Damage dice.
int ds
 Damage sides.
int weight
 Weight, in 1/10lbs.
int cost
 Object base cost.
bitflag flags [OF_SIZE]
bitflag kind_flags [KF_SIZE]
 Kind flags.
random_value modifiers [OBJ_MOD_MAX]
struct element_info el_info [ELEM_MAX]
struct brandbrands
struct slayslays
byte d_attr
 Default object attribute.
wchar_t d_char
 Default object character.
int alloc_prob
 Allocation: commonness.
int alloc_min
 Highest normal dungeon level.
int alloc_max
 Lowest normal dungeon level.
int level
 Level (difficulty of activation)
struct effecteffect
 Effect this item produces (effects.c)
int power
 Power of the item's effect.
char * effect_msg
random_value time
 Recharge time (rods/activation)
random_value charge
 Number of charges (staves/wands)
int gen_mult_prob
 Probability of generating more than one.
random_value stack_size
 Number to generate.
struct flavorflavor
 Special object flavor (or zero)
quark_t note
 Also saved in savefile.
bool aware
 Set if player is aware of the kind's effects.
bool tried
 Set if kind has been tried.
byte ignore
 Ignore settings.
bool everseen
 Kind has been seen (to despoilify ignore menus)

Detailed Description

Information about object kinds, including player knowledge.

TODO: split out the user-changeable bits into a separate struct so this one can be read-only.

Field Documentation

int ac
int alloc_max

Lowest normal dungeon level.

Referenced by init_obj_make(), parse_object_alloc(), and test_alloc0().

int alloc_min

Highest normal dungeon level.

Referenced by init_obj_make(), make_object(), parse_object_alloc(), and test_alloc0().

int alloc_prob
bool aware
object_base* base
struct brand* brands
random_value charge

Number of charges (staves/wands)

Referenced by object_prep(), parse_object_charges(), store_carry(), and test_charges0().

int cost
byte d_attr
wchar_t d_char
int dd
int ds
struct effect* effect
char* effect_msg

Referenced by cleanup_object(), and parse_object_msg().

struct element_info el_info[ELEM_MAX]
bool everseen
bitflag flags[OF_SIZE]
struct flavor* flavor
int gen_mult_prob

Probability of generating more than one.

Referenced by make_object(), parse_object_pile(), and test_pile0().

byte ignore
u32b kidx
bitflag kind_flags[KF_SIZE]
int level
char* name
struct object_kind* next
quark_t note

Also saved in savefile.

Autoinscription quark number

Referenced by add_autoinscription(), get_autoinscription(), o_xtra_act(), o_xtra_prompt(), rd_ignore(), and remove_autoinscription().

int power

Power of the item's effect.

Referenced by effects_power(), and parse_object_power().

struct slay* slays
random_value stack_size

Number to generate.

Referenced by make_object(), parse_object_pile(), and test_pile0().

int sval
char* text

Recharge time (rods/activation)

Referenced by object_prep(), parse_object_time(), and test_time0().

bool tried
int tval
int weight

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