Data Fields
monster_lore Struct Reference

Monster "lore" information. More...

#include <mon-lore.h>

Data Fields

int ridx
s16b sights
s16b deaths
s16b pkills
s16b tkills
byte wake
byte ignore
byte drop_gold
byte drop_item
byte cast_innate
byte cast_spell
struct monster_blowblows
bitflag flags [RF_SIZE]
bitflag spell_flags [RSF_SIZE]
struct monster_dropdrops
struct monster_friendsfriends
struct monster_friends_basefriends_base
struct monster_mimicmimic_kinds
bool all_known
bool armour_known
bool drop_known
bool sleep_known
bool spell_freq_known

Detailed Description

Monster "lore" information.

Field Documentation

bool all_known
bool armour_known
bool* blow_known
struct monster_blow* blows
byte cast_innate
byte cast_spell
s16b deaths
byte drop_gold

Referenced by lore_treasure().

byte drop_item

Referenced by lore_treasure().

bool drop_known

Referenced by lore_append_drop(), and lore_update().

struct monster_drop* drops
bitflag flags[RF_SIZE]
struct monster_friends* friends
struct monster_friends_base* friends_base
byte ignore
struct monster_mimic* mimic_kinds
s16b pkills
int ridx

Referenced by parse_lore_name().

s16b sights
bool sleep_known
bitflag spell_flags[RSF_SIZE]
bool spell_freq_known

Referenced by lore_append_spells(), and lore_update().

s16b tkills
byte wake

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