Data Fields
keymap Struct Reference

Keymap implementation. More...

Data Fields

struct keypress key
struct keypressactions
bool user
struct keymapnext

Detailed Description

Keymap implementation.

Keymaps are defined in pref files and map onto the internal game keyset, which is roughly what you get if you have roguelike keys turned off.

We store keymaps by pairing triggers with actions; the trigger is a single keypress and the action is stored as a string of keypresses, terminated with a keypress with type == EVT_NONE.

XXX We should note when we read in keymaps that are "official game" keymaps and ones which are user-defined. Then we can avoid writing out official game ones and messing up everyone's pref files with a load of junk. Struct for a keymap.

Field Documentation

struct keypress* actions
struct keypress key
struct keymap* next
bool user

Referenced by keymap_add(), and keymap_dump().

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