Data Fields
cave_profile Struct Reference

#include <generate.h>

Data Fields

struct cave_profilenext
const char * name
cave_builder builder
int block_size
int dun_rooms
int dun_unusual
int max_rarity
int n_room_profiles
struct tunnel_profile tun
struct streamer_profile str
struct room_profileroom_profiles
int cutoff

Field Documentation

int block_size

Default height and width of dungeon blocks

Referenced by classic_gen(), lair_gen(), modified_gen(), moria_gen(), and parse_profile_params().

cave_builder builder

Function used to build the level

Referenced by cave_generate(), and parse_profile_name().

int cutoff

Used to see if we should try this dungeon

Referenced by choose_profile(), and parse_profile_cutoff().

int dun_rooms

Number of rooms to attempt

Referenced by classic_gen(), and parse_profile_params().

int dun_unusual

Level/chance of unusual room

Referenced by classic_gen(), modified_chunk(), moria_chunk(), and parse_profile_params().

int max_rarity

Max number of room generation rarity levels

Referenced by parse_profile_params().

int n_room_profiles
const char* name
struct cave_profile* next
struct room_profile* room_profiles
struct streamer_profile str

Used to build mineral streamers

Referenced by build_streamer(), classic_gen(), lair_gen(), modified_gen(), moria_gen(), and parse_profile_streamer().

struct tunnel_profile tun

Used to build tunnels

Referenced by build_tunnel(), parse_profile_tunnel(), and try_door().

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