Data Fields
artifact Struct Reference

Information about artifacts. More...

#include <object.h>

Data Fields

char * name
char * text
u32b aidx
struct artifactnext
int tval
 General artifact type (see TV_ macros)
int sval
 Artifact sub-type.
int to_h
 Bonus to hit.
int to_d
 Bonus to damage.
int to_a
 Bonus to armor.
int ac
 Base armor.
int dd
 Base damage dice.
int ds
 Base damage sides.
int weight
 Weight in 1/10lbs.
int cost
 Artifact (pseudo-)worth.
bitflag flags [OF_SIZE]
int modifiers [OBJ_MOD_MAX]
struct element_info el_info [ELEM_MAX]
struct brandbrands
struct slayslays
int level
int alloc_prob
 Difficulty level for activation.
int alloc_min
 Chance of being generated (i.e.
int alloc_max
 Minimum depth (can appear earlier)
bool created
 Maximum depth (will NEVER appear deeper)
bool seen
 Whether this artifact has been seen this game.
bool everseen
 Whether this artifact has ever been seen.
struct activationactivation
 Artifact activation.
char * alt_msg
random_value time
 Recharge time (if appropriate)

Detailed Description

Information about artifacts.

Note that ::cur_num is written to the savefile.

TODO: Fix this max_num/cur_num crap and just have a big boolean array of which artifacts have been created and haven't, so this can become read-only.

Field Documentation

int ac
u32b aidx
int alloc_max
int alloc_min
int alloc_prob
char* alt_msg
struct brand* brands
int cost

Artifact (pseudo-)worth.

Referenced by parse_artifact_info(), scramble_artifact(), and test_info0().

bool created
int dd
int ds

Base damage sides.

Referenced by choose_item(), copy_artifact_data(), parse_artifact_power(), and test_power0().

struct element_info el_info[ELEM_MAX]
bool everseen

Whether this artifact has ever been seen.

Referenced by object_notice_everything(), object_notice_sensing(), rd_artifacts(), and wr_artifacts().

bitflag flags[OF_SIZE]
int level
int modifiers[OBJ_MOD_MAX]
char* name
struct artifact* next
bool seen

Whether this artifact has been seen this game.

Referenced by object_notice_everything(), object_notice_sensing(), player_init(), rd_artifacts(), and wr_artifacts().

struct slay* slays
int sval
char* text

Recharge time (if appropriate)

Referenced by add_activation(), copy_artifact_data(), parse_artifact_time(), and test_time0().

int to_a
int to_d
int to_h
int tval
int weight

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