Data Fields
_term_data Struct Reference

Extra "term" data. More...

#include <win-term.h>

Data Fields

term t
const char * s
DWORD dwStyle
DWORD dwExStyle
uint keys
byte rows
byte cols
uint pos_x
uint pos_y
uint size_wid
uint size_hgt
uint size_ow1
uint size_oh1
uint size_ow2
uint size_oh2
bool size_hack
bool xtra_hack
bool visible
bool maximized
bool bizarre
char * font_want
char * font_file
HFONT font_id
uint font_wid
uint font_hgt
uint tile_wid
uint tile_hgt
uint map_tile_wid
uint map_tile_hgt
bool map_active

Detailed Description

Extra "term" data.

Note the use of "font_want" for the names of the font file requested by the user, and the use of "font_file" for the currently active font file.

The "font_file" is uppercased, and takes the form "8X13.FON", while "font_want" can be in almost any form as long as it could be construed as attempting to represent the name of a font.

Field Documentation

bool bizarre
byte cols
DWORD dwExStyle
DWORD dwStyle
char* font_file
uint font_hgt
HFONT font_id
char* font_want
uint font_wid
uint keys
bool map_active
uint map_tile_hgt
uint map_tile_wid
bool maximized
uint pos_x
uint pos_y
byte rows
const char* s
bool size_hack
uint size_hgt
uint size_oh1
uint size_oh2
uint size_ow1
uint size_ow2
uint size_wid
term t
uint tile_hgt
uint tile_wid
bool visible
bool xtra_hack

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