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19 #ifndef MONSTER_MAKE_H
20 #define MONSTER_MAKE_H
22 #include "monster.h"
24 void delete_monster_idx(int m_idx);
25 void delete_monster(int y, int x);
26 void compact_monsters(int num_to_compact);
27 void wipe_mon_list(struct chunk *c, struct player *p);
28 s16b mon_pop(struct chunk *c);
29 void get_mon_num_prep(bool (*get_mon_num_hook)(monster_race *race));
31 s16b place_monster(struct chunk *c, int y, int x, struct monster *mon,
32  byte origin);
33 int mon_hp(const struct monster_race *r_ptr, aspect hp_aspect);
34 bool place_new_monster(struct chunk *, int y, int x, monster_race *r,
35  bool sleep, bool group_okay, byte origin);
36 bool pick_and_place_monster(struct chunk *c, int y, int x, int depth,
37  bool sleep, bool group_okay, byte origin);
38 bool pick_and_place_distant_monster(struct chunk *c, struct loc loc, int dis,
39  bool sleep, int depth);
40 void monster_death(struct monster *m, bool stats);
41 bool mon_take_hit(struct monster *m, int dam, bool *fear, const char *note);
42 int mon_create_drop_count(const struct monster_race *race, bool maximize);
44 #endif /* MONSTER_MAKE_H */