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11 /* symbol descr */
13 SQUARE(MARK, "memorized feature")
14 SQUARE(GLOW, "self-illuminating")
15 SQUARE(VAULT, "part of a vault")
16 SQUARE(ROOM, "part of a room")
17 SQUARE(SEEN, "seen flag")
18 SQUARE(VIEW, "view flag")
19 SQUARE(WASSEEN, "previously seen (during update)")
20 SQUARE(DTRAP, "trap detected square")
21 SQUARE(FEEL, "hidden points to trigger feelings")
22 SQUARE(DEDGE, "border of trap detected area")
23 SQUARE(VERT, "use an alternate visual for this square")
24 SQUARE(TRAP, "square containing a known trap")
25 SQUARE(INVIS, "square containing an unknown trap")
26 SQUARE(WALL_INNER, "inner wall generation flag")
27 SQUARE(WALL_OUTER, "outer wall generation flag")
28 SQUARE(WALL_SOLID, "solid wall generation flag")
29 SQUARE(MON_RESTRICT,"no random monster flag")
30 SQUARE(NO_TELEPORT, "player can't teleport from this square")
31 SQUARE(NO_MAP, "square can't be magically mapped")
32 SQUARE(NO_ESP, "telepathy doesn't work on this square")
33 SQUARE(PROJECT, "marked for projection processing")