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24 /* symbol on_begin on_end on_increase on_decrease flag_redraw flag_update msg code fail */
25 TMD(FAST, "You feel yourself moving faster!", "You feel yourself slow down.", NULL, NULL, 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_SPEED, 0, 0)
26 TMD(SLOW, "You feel yourself moving slower!", "You feel yourself speed up.", NULL, NULL, 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_SLOW, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_OBJECT, OF_FREE_ACT)
28 TMD(PARALYZED, "You are paralysed!", "You can move again.", NULL, NULL, 0, 0, MSG_PARALYZED, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_OBJECT, OF_FREE_ACT)
29 TMD(CONFUSED, "You are confused!", "You are no longer confused.", "You are more confused!", "You feel a little less confused.", 0, 0, MSG_CONFUSED, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_OBJECT, OF_PROT_CONF)
30 TMD(AFRAID, "You are terrified!", "You feel bolder now.", "You are more scared!", "You feel a little less scared.", 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_AFRAID, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_OBJECT, OF_PROT_FEAR)
31 TMD(IMAGE, "You feel drugged!", "You can see clearly again.", "You feel more drugged!", "You feel less drugged.", PR_MAP | PR_MONLIST | PR_ITEMLIST, 0, MSG_DRUGGED, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_RESIST, ELEM_CHAOS)
32 TMD(POISONED, "You are poisoned!", "You are no longer poisoned.", "You are more poisoned!", "You are less poisoned.", 0, 0, MSG_POISONED, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_RESIST, ELEM_POIS)
33 TMD(CUT, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
35 TMD(PROTEVIL, "You feel safe from evil!", "You no longer feel safe from evil.", "You feel even safer from evil!", "You feel less safe from evil.", 0, 0, MSG_PROT_EVIL, 0, 0)
36 TMD(INVULN, "You feel invulnerable!", "You feel vulnerable once more.", NULL, NULL, 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_INVULN, 0, 0)
37 TMD(HERO, "You feel like a hero!", "You no longer feel heroic.", "You feel more like a hero!", "You feel less heroic.", 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_HERO, 0, 0)
38 TMD(SHERO, "You feel like a killing machine!", "You no longer feel berserk.", "You feel even more berserk!", "You feel less berserk.", 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_BERSERK, 0, 0)
39 TMD(SHIELD, "A mystic shield forms around your body!", "Your mystic shield crumbles away.", "The mystic shield strengthens.", "The mystic shield weakens.", 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_SHIELD, 0, 0)
40 TMD(BLESSED, "You feel righteous!", "The prayer has expired.", "You feel more righteous!", "You feel less righteous.", 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_BLESSED, 0, 0)
41 TMD(SINVIS, "Your eyes feel very sensitive!", "Your eyes no longer feel so sensitive.", "Your eyes feel more sensitive!", "Your eyes feel less sensitive.", 0, (PU_BONUS | PU_MONSTERS), MSG_SEE_INVIS, 0, 0)
42 TMD(SINFRA, "Your eyes begin to tingle!", "Your eyes stop tingling.", "Your eyes' tingling intensifies.", "Your eyes tingle less.", 0, (PU_BONUS | PU_MONSTERS), MSG_INFRARED, 0, 0)
43 TMD(OPP_ACID, "You feel resistant to acid!", "You are no longer resistant to acid.", "You feel more resistant to acid!", "You feel less resistant to acid.", PR_STATUS, 0, MSG_RES_ACID, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_VULN, ELEM_ACID)
44 TMD(OPP_ELEC, "You feel resistant to electricity!", "You are no longer resistant to electricity.", "You feel more resistant to electricity!", "You feel less resistant to electricity.", PR_STATUS, 0, MSG_RES_ELEC, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_VULN, ELEM_ELEC)
45 TMD(OPP_FIRE, "You feel resistant to fire!", "You are no longer resistant to fire.", "You feel more resistant to fire!", "You feel less resistant to fire.", PR_STATUS, 0, MSG_RES_FIRE, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_VULN, ELEM_FIRE)
46 TMD(OPP_COLD, "You feel resistant to cold!", "You are no longer resistant to cold.", "You feel more resistant to cold!", "You feel less resistant to cold.", PR_STATUS, 0, MSG_RES_COLD, TMD_FAIL_FLAG_VULN, ELEM_COLD)
47 TMD(OPP_POIS, "You feel resistant to poison!", "You are no longer resistant to poison.", "You feel more resistant to poison!", "You feel less resistant to poison.", 0, 0, MSG_RES_POIS, 0, 0)
48 TMD(OPP_CONF, "You feel resistant to confusion!", "You are no longer resistant to confusion.", "You feel more resistant to confusion!", "You feel less resistant to confusion.", PR_STATUS, PU_BONUS, 0, 0, 0)
49 TMD(AMNESIA, "You feel your memories fade.", "Your memories come flooding back.", NULL, NULL, 0, 0, MSG_GENERIC, 0, 0)
50 TMD(TELEPATHY, "Your mind expands.", "Your horizons are once more limited.", "Your mind expands further.", NULL, 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_GENERIC, 0, 0)
51 TMD(STONESKIN, "Your skin turns to stone.", "A fleshy shade returns to your skin.", NULL, NULL, 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_GENERIC, 0, 0)
52 TMD(TERROR, "You feel the need to run away, and fast!", "The urge to run dissipates.", NULL, NULL, 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_AFRAID, 0, 0)
53 TMD(SPRINT, "You start sprinting.", "You suddenly stop sprinting.", NULL, NULL, 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_SPEED, 0, 0)
54 TMD(BOLD, "You feel bold.", "You no longer feel bold.", "You feel even bolder!", "You feel less bold.", 0, PU_BONUS, MSG_BOLD, 0, 0)