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14 /* symbol descr birth-descr */
15 PF(NONE, "", NULL)
16 PF(EXTRA_SHOT, "receive extra shots with tension bows at levels 20 and 40", "Gains extra shots with bow")
17 PF(BRAVERY_30, "become immune to fear at level 30", "Gains immunity to fear")
18 PF(BLESS_WEAPON, "may only wield blessed or hafted weapons", "Prefers blunt/blessed weapons")
19 PF(CUMBER_GLOVE, "have difficulty using magic with covered hands", NULL)
20 PF(ZERO_FAIL, "may obtain a perfect success rate with magic", "Advanced spellcasting")
21 PF(BEAM, "frequently turn bolt spells into beams", NULL)
22 PF(CHOOSE_SPELLS, "may choose their own spells to study", NULL)
23 PF(PSEUDO_ID_IMPROV, "get better at psudo id with experience", NULL)
24 PF(KNOW_MUSHROOM, "easily recognize mushrooms", "Identifies mushrooms")
25 PF(KNOW_ZAPPER, "easily recognize magic devices", "Identifies magic devices")
26 PF(SEE_ORE, "can sense ore in the walls", "Senses ore/minerals")
27 PF(NO_MANA, "cannot cast spells", NULL)