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ds_kbd.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  nds_kbd_key


#define K_MODIFIER   0x100
#define K_CAPS   0x101
#define K_SHIFT   0x102
#define K_CTRL   0x103
#define K_ALT   0x104
#define K_F(n)   (0x200 + n)
#define K_SHIFTED_MOVE   0x0200


void redraw_kbd (int)
void kbd_init ()
u16 kbd_xy2key (u8 x, u8 y)
void kbd_togglemod (int which, int how)
void kbd_set_color_from_pos (u16 r, u16 k, u8 color)
void kbd_set_color_from_code (u16 code, u8 color)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define K_ALT   0x104

Referenced by kbd_togglemod().

#define K_CAPS   0x101

Referenced by kbd_togglemod().

#define K_CTRL   0x103

Referenced by kbd_togglemod().

#define K_F (   n)    (0x200 + n)

Referenced by kbd_vblank(), and kbd_xy2key().

#define K_MODIFIER   0x100
#define K_SHIFT   0x102

Referenced by kbd_togglemod().

#define K_SHIFTED_MOVE   0x0200

Function Documentation

void kbd_init ( )

References i.

Referenced by main().

void kbd_set_color_from_code ( u16  code,
u8  color 
void kbd_set_color_from_pos ( u16  r,
u16  k,
u8  color 
void kbd_togglemod ( int  which,
int  how 
u16 kbd_xy2key ( u8  x,
u8  y 
void redraw_kbd ( int  )