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19 #ifndef INCLUDED_Z_DICE_H
20 #define INCLUDED_Z_DICE_H
22 #include "h-basic.h"
24 #include "z-rand.h"
25 #include "z-expression.h"
27 typedef struct dice_s dice_t;
29 dice_t *dice_new(void);
30 void dice_free(dice_t *dice);
31 bool dice_parse_string(dice_t *dice, const char *string);
32 int dice_bind_expression(dice_t *dice, const char *name,
33  const expression_t *expression);
34 void dice_random_value(dice_t *dice, random_value *v);
35 int dice_evaluate(dice_t *dice, int level, aspect aspect, random_value *v);
36 int dice_roll(dice_t *dice, random_value *v);
37 bool dice_test_values(dice_t *dice, int base, int dice_count, int sides,
38  int bonus);
39 bool dice_test_variables(dice_t *dice, const char *base, const char *dice_name,
40  const char *sides, const char *bonus);
42 #endif /* INCLUDED_Z_DICE_H */
Definition: z-dice.c:30
bool dice_test_variables(dice_t *dice, const char *base, const char *dice_name, const char *sides, const char *bonus)
Check that the dice object has the given variables for the component.
Definition: z-dice.c:611
Use the roguelike command false Show damage player deals to false Always pickup false Show flavors in object false Highlight player with cursor between false Show walls as solid false false Center map false Automatically clear more false Allow mouse clicks to move the true false false false false false Generate a random artifact false Force player false Restrict creation of false Lose artifacts when leaving level
Definition: list-options.h:86
int dice_evaluate(dice_t *dice, int level, aspect aspect, random_value *v)
Fully evaluates the dice object, using randcalc().
Definition: z-dice.c:557
Creating, storing, and deserializing simple math expressions.
void dice_free(dice_t *dice)
Deallocate a dice object.
Definition: z-dice.c:210
int dice_bind_expression(dice_t *dice, const char *name, const expression_t *expression)
Bind an expression to a variable name.
Definition: z-dice.c:268
dice_t * dice_new(void)
Allocate and initialize a new dice object.
Definition: z-dice.c:195
Definition: z-expression.c:28
The lowest level header.
bool dice_test_values(dice_t *dice, int base, int dice_count, int sides, int bonus)
Test the dice object against the given values.
Definition: z-dice.c:597
void dice_random_value(dice_t *dice, random_value *v)
Extract a random_value by evaluating any bound expressions.
Definition: z-dice.c:506
int dice_roll(dice_t *dice, random_value *v)
Evaluates the dice object, using damroll() (base + XdY).
Definition: z-dice.c:579
A struct representing a strategy for making a dice roll.
Definition: z-rand.h:40
bool dice_parse_string(dice_t *dice, const char *string)
Parse a formatted string for values and variables to represent a dice roll.
Definition: z-dice.c:309
Random aspects used by damcalc, m_bonus_calc, and ranvals.
Definition: z-rand.h:55
Intialize random names
Definition: init.c:664
A Random Number Generator for Angband.