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21 #ifndef UI_PREFS_H
22 #define UI_PREFS_H
24 #include "cave.h"
25 #include "datafile.h"
26 #include "ui-keymap.h"
27 #include "ui-term.h"
28 #include "option.h"
29 #include "z-file.h"
31 extern char arg_name[PLAYER_NAME_LEN];
32 extern int use_graphics;
33 extern int arg_graphics;
34 extern bool arg_graphics_nice;
36 extern byte *monster_x_attr;
37 extern wchar_t *monster_x_char;
38 extern byte *kind_x_attr;
39 extern wchar_t *kind_x_char;
41 extern wchar_t *feat_x_char[LIGHTING_MAX];
43 extern wchar_t *trap_x_char[LIGHTING_MAX];
44 extern byte *flavor_x_attr;
45 extern wchar_t *flavor_x_char;
50 struct prefs_data
51 {
52  bool bypass;
54  bool user;
57 };
61 void dump_monsters(ang_file *fff);
62 void dump_objects(ang_file *fff);
64 void dump_features(ang_file *fff);
65 void dump_flavors(ang_file *fff);
66 void dump_colors(ang_file *fff);
68 void option_dump(ang_file *fff);
69 bool prefs_save(const char *path, void (*dump)(ang_file *), const char *title);
71 bool process_pref_file(const char *name, bool quiet, bool user);
72 void reset_visuals(bool load_prefs);
73 void textui_prefs_init(void);
74 void textui_prefs_free(void);
75 void do_cmd_pref(void);
77 #endif /* !UI_PREFS_H */
void dump_colors(ang_file *fff)
Dump colors.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:293
char ** path
Definition: main.c:154
bool loaded_window_flag[ANGBAND_TERM_MAX]
Definition: ui-prefs.h:55
void dump_ui_entry_renderers(ang_file *fff)
Dump the customizable attributes for renderers used in the character screen.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:321
int arg_graphics
Definition: ui-prefs.c:42
wchar_t * trap_x_char[LIGHTING_MAX]
Definition: ui-prefs.c:53
uint32_t u32b
Definition: h-basic.h:164
Low-level file (and directory) handling.
Definition: parser.h:35
Definition: z-file.c:268
byte * flavor_x_attr
Definition: ui-prefs.c:54
int errr
ANSI C headers.
Definition: h-basic.h:156
enum parser_error parse_prefs_dummy(struct parser *p)
Definition: ui-prefs.c:1106
uint8_t byte
Definition: h-basic.h:159
bool prefs_save(const char *path, void(*dump)(ang_file *), const char *title)
Save a set of preferences to file, overwriting any old preferences with the same title.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:389
Options table and definitions.
Available Constants
Definition: ui-term.h:251
void dump_objects(ang_file *fff)
Dump objects.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:196
wchar_t * kind_x_char
Definition: ui-prefs.c:49
Copyright (c) 1997 Ben Harrison.
wchar_t * flavor_x_char
Definition: ui-prefs.c:55
wchar_t * feat_x_char[LIGHTING_MAX]
Definition: ui-prefs.c:51
bool arg_graphics_nice
Definition: ui-prefs.c:43
char arg_name[PLAYER_NAME_LEN]
Definition: ui-prefs.c:41
void do_cmd_pref(void)
Ask for a "user pref line" and process it.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:1457
Struct holding all relevant info for keypresses.
Definition: ui-event.h:162
byte * kind_x_attr
Definition: ui-prefs.c:48
png_bytep buf
Definition: libpng12/png.h:2815
bool process_pref_file(const char *name, bool quiet, bool user)
Look for a pref file at its base location (falling back to another path if needed) and then in the us...
Definition: ui-prefs.c:1286
bool user
Definition: ui-prefs.h:54
Definition: option.h:23
byte * monster_x_attr
Definition: ui-prefs.c:46
const char ** p[]
Definition: name.c:40
struct keypress keymap_buffer[KEYMAP_ACTION_MAX]
Definition: ui-prefs.h:53
errr process_pref_file_command(const char *buf)
Definition: ui-prefs.c:1167
void textui_prefs_free(void)
Free the glyph arrays for monsters, objects, traps, flavors and terrain.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:1434
void textui_prefs_init(void)
Initialise the glyphs for monsters, objects, traps, flavors and terrain.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:1405
byte * feat_x_attr[LIGHTING_MAX]
Definition: ui-prefs.c:50
void reset_visuals(bool load_prefs)
Reset the "visual" lists.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:1330
Matters relating to the current dungeon level.
void dump_monsters(ang_file *fff)
Dump monsters.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:177
void dump_autoinscriptions(ang_file *f)
Dump autoinscriptions.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:217
void dump_flavors(ang_file *fff)
Dump flavors.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:277
Definition: cave.h:142
Definition: parser.c:74
int use_graphics
Definition: ui-prefs.c:44
Intialize random names
Definition: init.c:1084
void option_dump(ang_file *fff)
Write all current options to a user preference file.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:350
Private data for pref file parsing.
Definition: ui-prefs.h:50
bool bypass
Definition: ui-prefs.h:52
void dump_features(ang_file *fff)
Dump features.
Definition: ui-prefs.c:238
Data file writing routines.
wchar_t * monster_x_char
Definition: ui-prefs.c:47
Keymap handling.
u32b window_flags[ANGBAND_TERM_MAX]
Definition: ui-prefs.h:56
byte * trap_x_attr[LIGHTING_MAX]
Definition: ui-prefs.c:52
Maximum number of keypresses a trigger can map to.
Definition: ui-keymap.h:27