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character info More...

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void display_player_stat_info (void)
 Special display, part 2b. More...
void display_player_xtra_info (void)
void display_player (int mode)
 Display the character on the screen (two different modes) More...
void write_character_dump (ang_file *fff)
 Write a character dump. More...
bool dump_save (const char *path)
 Save the lore to a file in the user directory. More...
void do_cmd_change_name (void)
 Hack – change name. More...


bool arg_force_name

Detailed Description

character info

Function Documentation

◆ display_player()

void display_player ( int  mode)

Display the character on the screen (two different modes)

The top two lines, and the bottom line (or two) are left blank.

Mode 0 = standard display with skills/history Mode 1 = special display with equipment flags

References align_left, angband_term, bounds, clear_from(), configure_char_sheet(), display_panel(), display_player_flag_info(), display_player_stat_info(), display_player_sust_info(), display_player_xtra_info(), have_valid_char_sheet_config(), p, panel_free(), panels, player_upkeep::playing, Term, and player::upkeep.

Referenced by death_info(), do_cmd_change_name(), roller_command(), textui_do_birth(), update_player0_subwindow(), update_player1_subwindow(), and write_character_dump().

◆ display_player_stat_info()

void display_player_stat_info ( void  )

◆ display_player_xtra_info()

void display_player_xtra_info ( void  )

◆ do_cmd_change_name()

void do_cmd_change_name ( void  )

◆ dump_save()

bool dump_save ( const char *  path)

Save the lore to a file in the user directory.

pathis the path to the filename
true on success, false otherwise.

References msg, text_lines_to_file(), and write_character_dump().

Referenced by death_file(), and do_cmd_change_name().

◆ write_character_dump()

void write_character_dump ( ang_file fff)

Variable Documentation

◆ arg_force_name

bool arg_force_name