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19 #ifndef UI_MONSTER_LORE_H
20 #define UI_MONSTER_LORE_H
22 void lore_title(textblock *tb, const struct monster_race *race);
23 void lore_description(textblock *tb, const struct monster_race *race,
24  const struct monster_lore *original_lore, bool spoilers);
25 void lore_show_interactive(const struct monster_race *race,
26  const struct monster_lore *lore);
27 void lore_show_subwindow(const struct monster_race *race,
28  const struct monster_lore *lore);
30 #endif /* UI_MONSTER_LORE_H */
Monster "race" information, including racial memories.
Definition: monster.h:267
void lore_show_subwindow(const struct monster_race *race, const struct monster_lore *lore)
Display monster recall statically.
Definition: ui-mon-lore.c:188
void lore_show_interactive(const struct monster_race *race, const struct monster_lore *lore)
Display monster recall modally and wait for a keypress.
Definition: ui-mon-lore.c:165
Monster "lore" information.
Definition: mon-lore.h:28
void lore_title(textblock *tb, const struct monster_race *race)
Place a monster recall title into a textblock.
Definition: ui-mon-lore.c:38
void lore_description(textblock *tb, const struct monster_race *race, const struct monster_lore *original_lore, bool spoilers)
Place a full monster recall description (with title) into a textblock, with or without spoilers...
Definition: ui-mon-lore.c:89
Definition: z-textblock.c:33