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19 #ifndef UI_KNOWLEDGE_H
20 #define UI_KNOWLEDGE_H
22 void textui_browse_object_knowledge(const char *name, int row);
23 void textui_knowledge_init(void);
24 void textui_browse_knowledge(void);
25 void do_cmd_message_one(void);
26 void do_cmd_messages(void);
27 void do_cmd_inven(void);
28 void do_cmd_equip(void);
29 void do_cmd_quiver(void);
30 void do_cmd_look(void);
31 void do_cmd_locate(void);
32 int cmp_monsters(const void *a, const void *b);
33 void do_cmd_query_symbol(void);
34 void do_cmd_center_map(void);
35 void do_cmd_monlist(void);
36 void do_cmd_itemlist(void);
38 #endif /* UI_KNOWLEDGE_H */
png_bytepp row
Definition: libpng12/png.h:1784
void textui_browse_object_knowledge(const char *name, int row)
Display known objects.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:2030
void do_cmd_messages(void)
Show previous messages to the user.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:2732
void do_cmd_query_symbol(void)
Identify a character, allow recall of monsters.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3267
void do_cmd_center_map(void)
Centers the map on the player.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3427
void do_cmd_itemlist(void)
Display the main-screen item list.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3452
void do_cmd_equip(void)
Display equipment.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:2955
void do_cmd_monlist(void)
Display the main-screen monster list.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3437
void textui_knowledge_init(void)
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:2622
void do_cmd_inven(void)
Display inventory.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:2910
void do_cmd_locate(void)
Allow the player to examine other sectors on the map.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3070
int cmp_monsters(const void *a, const void *b)
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3188
void textui_browse_knowledge(void)
Display the "player knowledge" menu, greying out items that won't display anything.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:2657
void do_cmd_quiver(void)
Display equipment.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3003
void do_cmd_message_one(void)
Other knowledge functions
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:2710
Intialize random names
Definition: init.c:1084
void do_cmd_look(void)
Look command.
Definition: ui-knowledge.c:3051