ui-knowledge.h File Reference

Player knowledge functions. More...

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void textui_browse_object_knowledge (const char *name, int row)
 Display known objects. More...
void textui_knowledge_init (void)
void textui_browse_knowledge (void)
 Display the "player knowledge" menu, greying out items that won't display anything. More...
void do_cmd_message_one (void)

Other knowledge functions

void do_cmd_messages (void)
 Show previous messages to the user. More...
void do_cmd_inven (void)
 Display inventory. More...
void do_cmd_equip (void)
 Display equipment. More...
void do_cmd_quiver (void)
 Display equipment. More...
void do_cmd_look (void)
 Look command. More...
void do_cmd_locate (void)
 Allow the player to examine other sectors on the map. More...
int cmp_monsters (const void *a, const void *b)
void do_cmd_query_symbol (void)
 Identify a character, allow recall of monsters. More...
void do_cmd_center_map (void)
 Centers the map on the player. More...
void do_cmd_monlist (void)
 Display the main-screen monster list. More...
void do_cmd_itemlist (void)
 Display the main-screen item list. More...

Detailed Description

Player knowledge functions.

Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Eytan Zweig, Andrew Doull, Pete Mack. Copyright (c) 2010 Peter Denison, Chris Carr.

This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either:

a) the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2, or

b) the "Angband licence": This software may be copied and distributed for educational, research, and not for profit purposes provided that this copyright and statement are included in all such copies. Other copyrights may also apply.

Function Documentation

◆ cmp_monsters()

int cmp_monsters ( const void a,
const void b 

References cmp_level().

Referenced by spoil_mon_desc(), and spoil_mon_info().

◆ do_cmd_center_map()

void do_cmd_center_map ( void  )

Centers the map on the player.

References center_panel().

Referenced by context_menu_player().

◆ do_cmd_equip()

void do_cmd_equip ( void  )

◆ do_cmd_inven()

void do_cmd_inven ( void  )

◆ do_cmd_itemlist()

void do_cmd_itemlist ( void  )

Display the main-screen item list.

References term::hgt, object_list_show_interactive(), screen_load(), screen_save(), Term, and term::wid.

◆ do_cmd_locate()

void do_cmd_locate ( void  )

◆ do_cmd_look()

void do_cmd_look ( void  )

Look command.

References msg, TARGET_LOOK, and target_set_interactive().

◆ do_cmd_message_one()

void do_cmd_message_one ( void  )

Other knowledge functions

Recall the most recent message

References c_prt(), format(), message_color(), and message_str().

◆ do_cmd_messages()

void do_cmd_messages ( void  )

Show previous messages to the user.

The screen format uses line 0 and 23 for headers and prompts, skips line 1 and 22, and uses line 2 thru 21 for old messages.

This command shows you which commands you are viewing, and allows you to "search" for strings in the recall.

Note that messages may be longer than 80 characters, but they are displayed using "infinite" length, with a special sub-command to "slide" the virtual display to the left or right.

Attempt to only highlight the matching portions of the string.

References ARROW_DOWN, ARROW_LEFT, ARROW_RIGHT, ARROW_UP, askfor_aux(), mouseclick::button, keypress::code, COLOUR_YELLOW, menu::count, ESCAPE, EVT_KBRD, EVT_MOUSE, format(), i, inkey_ex(), int, KC_ENTER, KC_PGDOWN, KC_PGUP, ui_event::key, message_color(), message_count(), message_str(), messages_num(), ui_event::mouse, msg, my_stristr(), prt(), screen_load(), screen_save(), Term_clear(), Term_get_size(), Term_putstr(), ui_event::type, and mouseclick::y.

Referenced by death_messages(), and store_process_command_key().

◆ do_cmd_monlist()

void do_cmd_monlist ( void  )

Display the main-screen monster list.

References term::hgt, monster_list_show_interactive(), screen_load(), screen_save(), Term, and term::wid.

◆ do_cmd_query_symbol()

void do_cmd_query_symbol ( void  )

Identify a character, allow recall of monsters.

Several "special" responses recall "multiple" monsters: ^A (all monsters) ^U (all unique monsters) ^N (all non-unique monsters)

The responses may be sorted in several ways, see below.

Note that the player ghosts are ignored, since they do not exist.

References monster_lore::all_known, buf, char_matches_key(), cmp_level(), cmp_pkill(), keypress::code, monster_race::d_char, ESCAPE, monster_race::flags, get_com(), handle_stuff(), inkey(), KTRL, l_list, lookup_symbol(), lore_show_interactive(), lore_title(), mem_free(), mem_zalloc(), monster_race_track(), my_strcpy(), num, prt(), put_str(), r_info, angband_constants::r_max, race, rf_has, SCREEN_REGION, monster_lore::sights, sort(), textblock_append(), textblock_free(), textblock_new(), textui_textblock_place(), player::upkeep, and z_info.

◆ do_cmd_quiver()

void do_cmd_quiver ( void  )

◆ textui_browse_knowledge()

void textui_browse_knowledge ( void  )

◆ textui_browse_object_knowledge()

void textui_browse_object_knowledge ( const char *  name,
int  row 

◆ textui_knowledge_init()

void textui_knowledge_init ( void  )