ui-help.h File Reference

In-game help. More...

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bool show_file (const char *name, const char *what, int line, int mode)
 Recursive file perusal. More...
void do_cmd_help (void)
 Peruse the On-Line-Help. More...

Detailed Description

In-game help.

Function Documentation

◆ do_cmd_help()

void do_cmd_help ( void  )

Peruse the On-Line-Help.

References screen_load(), screen_save(), show_file(), and void().

Referenced by menu_question(), and roller_command().

◆ show_file()

bool show_file ( const char *  name,
const char *  what,
int  line,
int  mode 

Recursive file perusal.

Return false on "?", otherwise true.

This function could be made much more efficient with the use of "seek" functionality, especially when moving backwards through a file, or forwards through a file by less than a page at a time. XXX XXX XXX

References A2I, ANGBAND_DIR_HELP, ANGBAND_DIR_INFO, ARROW_DOWN, ARROW_UP, askfor_aux(), bell(), buf, buildid, keypress::code, COLOUR_WHITE, COLOUR_YELLOW, contains_only_spaces(), ESCAPE, EVENT_MESSAGE_FLUSH, event_signal(), file_close(), file_getl(), file_open(), format(), FTYPE_TEXT, i, inkey(), KC_END, KC_ENTER, KC_HOME, KC_PGDOWN, KC_PGUP, KEYPRESS_NULL, MODE_READ, msg, my_strcpy(), path, path_build(), prefix(), prt(), show_file(), size, streq, string_lower(), strnfmt(), tag, Term_clear(), Term_get_size(), Term_putstr(), and void().

Referenced by do_cmd_help(), do_cmd_wiz_help(), option_toggle_handle(), and show_file().