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19 #ifndef UI_CONTEXT_H
20 #define UI_CONTEXT_H
22 #include "cave.h"
23 #include "ui-input.h"
25 int context_menu_player(int mx, int my);
26 int context_menu_cave(struct chunk *c, int y, int x, int adjacent, int mx,
27  int my);
28 int context_menu_object(struct object *obj);
29 int context_menu_command(int mx, int my);
33 #endif /* UI_CONTEXT_H */
Some high-level UI functions, inkey()
struct cmd_info * textui_action_menu_choose(void)
Display a list of command types, allowing the user to select one.
Definition: ui-context.c:1200
Holds a generic command - if cmd is set to other than CMD_NULL it simply pushes that command to the g...
Definition: ui-input.h:32
Definition: cave.h:160
int context_menu_command(int mx, int my)
Definition: ui-context.c:939
int context_menu_object(struct object *obj)
Pick the context menu options appropiate for the item.
Definition: ui-context.c:644
int context_menu_player(int mx, int my)
Definition: ui-context.c:248
int context_menu_cave(struct chunk *c, int y, int x, int adjacent, int mx, int my)
Definition: ui-context.c:419
Matters relating to the current dungeon level.
Union type to hold information about any given event.
Definition: ui-event.h:191
void textui_process_click(ui_event e)
Handle a textui mouseclick.
Definition: ui-context.c:984