ui-context.h File Reference

Show player and terrain context menus. More...

#include "cave.h"
#include "ui-input.h"

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int context_menu_player (int mx, int my)
int context_menu_cave (struct chunk *c, int y, int x, int adjacent, int mx, int my)
int context_menu_object (struct object *obj)
 Pick the context menu options appropiate for the item. More...
int context_menu_command (int mx, int my)
void textui_process_click (ui_event e)
 Handle a textui mouseclick. More...
struct cmd_infotextui_action_menu_choose (void)
 Display a list of command types, allowing the user to select one. More...

Detailed Description

Show player and terrain context menus.

Copyright (c) 2011 Brett Reid

This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either:

a) the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2, or

b) the "Angband license": This software may be copied and distributed for educational, research, and not for profit purposes provided that this copyright and statement are included in all such copies. Other copyrights may also apply.

Function Documentation

◆ context_menu_cave()

int context_menu_cave ( struct chunk c,
int  y,
int  x,
int  adjacent,
int  mx,
int  my 

◆ context_menu_command()

int context_menu_command ( int  mx,
int  my 

◆ context_menu_object()

int context_menu_object ( struct object obj)

Pick the context menu options appropiate for the item.

References ADD_LABEL, area, bell(), player::body, cave, CMD_ACTIVATE, CMD_BROWSE_SPELL, CMD_CAST, CMD_DROP, CMD_EAT, CMD_FIRE, CMD_IGNORE, CMD_INSCRIBE, cmd_lookup_key(), CMD_PICKUP, CMD_QUAFF, CMD_READ_SCROLL, CMD_REFILL, CMD_SELL, cmd_set_arg_item(), cmd_set_arg_number(), CMD_STASH, CMD_STUDY, CMD_TAKEOFF, CMD_THROW, CMD_UNINSCRIBE, CMD_USE, CMD_USE_ROD, CMD_USE_STAFF, CMD_USE_WAND, CMD_WIELD, cmdq_peek(), cmdq_push(), command::code, region::col, menu::count, format(), get_item_allow(), player::grid, header, int, inven_carry_okay(), key_confirm_command(), KEYMAP_MODE_ORIG, KEYMAP_MODE_ROGUE, lower_case, menu_dynamic_add_label(), menu_dynamic_free(), menu_dynamic_longest_entry(), menu_dynamic_new(), menu_dynamic_select(), menu_layout(), MENU_VALUE_DROP_ALL, MENU_VALUE_INSPECT, MN_ROW_INVALID, MN_ROW_VALID, msg_flag, object::number, obj_can_activate(), obj_can_browse(), obj_can_cast_from(), obj_can_fire(), obj_can_refill(), obj_can_study(), obj_can_takeoff(), obj_can_wear(), obj_can_zap(), obj_has_charges(), obj_has_inscrip(), obj_is_activatable(), obj_is_useable(), object_desc(), object_info(), object_is_carried(), object_is_equipped(), object_is_ignored(), ODESC_BASE, ODESC_FULL, ODESC_PREFIX, OINFO_NONE, OPT, region::page_rows, player_can_cast(), player_can_read(), player_can_study(), prt(), region_erase_bordered(), region::row, screen_load(), screen_save(), menu::selections, square_isshop(), square_shopnum(), STORE_HOME, store_will_buy_tester(), string_free(), string_make(), Term, textblock_free(), textui_book_browse(), textui_cmd_ignore_menu(), textui_textblock_place(), textui_textblock_show(), tval_is_edible(), tval_is_potion(), tval_is_rod(), tval_is_scroll(), tval_is_staff(), tval_is_wand(), term::wid, and region::width.

Referenced by context_menu_player_display_floor(), do_cmd_equip(), do_cmd_inven(), and do_cmd_quiver().

◆ context_menu_player()

int context_menu_player ( int  mx,
int  my 

◆ textui_action_menu_choose()

struct cmd_info* textui_action_menu_choose ( void  )

Display a list of command types, allowing the user to select one.

References area, cmds_all, menu_layout(), menu_new(), menu_select(), menu_setpriv(), MN_SKIN_SCROLL, screen_load(), screen_save(), and window_make().

Referenced by textui_process_command().

◆ textui_process_click()

void textui_process_click ( ui_event  e)