Data Fields
z_stream_s Struct Reference

#include <zlib.h>

Data Fields

uInt avail_in
uLong total_in
uInt avail_out
uLong total_out
char * msg
struct internal_state FARstate
alloc_func zalloc
free_func zfree
voidpf opaque
int data_type
uLong adler
uLong reserved

Field Documentation

◆ adler

uLong adler

◆ avail_in

uInt avail_in

◆ avail_out

uInt avail_out

◆ data_type

int data_type

◆ msg

char* msg

◆ next_in

Bytef* next_in

◆ next_out

Bytef* next_out

◆ opaque

voidpf opaque

◆ reserved

uLong reserved

◆ state

struct internal_state FAR* state

◆ total_in

uLong total_in

◆ total_out

uLong total_out

◆ zalloc

alloc_func zalloc

◆ zfree

free_func zfree

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