Data Fields
vault Struct Reference

#include <generate.h>

Data Fields

struct vaultnext
char * name
char * text
char * typ
byte rat
byte hgt
byte wid
byte min_lev
byte max_lev

Field Documentation

◆ hgt

byte hgt

Vault height

Referenced by build_vault(), parse_vault_rows(), test_hgt0(), and vault_chunk().

◆ max_lev

byte max_lev

Maximum allowable level, if specified.

Referenced by parse_vault_max_depth(), random_vault(), and test_max_lev0().

◆ min_lev

byte min_lev

Minimum allowable level, if specified.

Referenced by parse_vault_min_depth(), random_vault(), and test_min_lev0().

◆ name

char* name

◆ next

struct vault* next

Pointer to next vault template

Referenced by cleanup_vault(), parse_vault_name(), and random_vault().

◆ rat

byte rat

Vault rating

Referenced by build_vault_type(), parse_vault_rating(), and test_rat0().

◆ text

char* text

Grid by grid description of vault layout

Referenced by build_vault(), cleanup_vault(), parse_vault_d(), teardown_tests(), and test_d0().

◆ typ

char* typ

◆ wid

byte wid

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