Data Fields
store Struct Reference

#include <store.h>

Data Fields

struct storenext
struct ownerowners
struct ownerowner
unsigned int sidx
const char * name
byte stock_num
s16b stock_size
struct objectstock
struct objectstock_k
size_t always_size
size_t always_num
struct object_kind ** always_table
size_t normal_size
size_t normal_num
struct object_kind ** normal_table
struct object_buybuy
int turnover
int normal_stock_min
int normal_stock_max

Field Documentation

size_t always_num
size_t always_size

Referenced by parse_always().

struct object_kind** always_table
struct object_buy* buy
const char* name
struct store* next

Referenced by flatten_stores(), and parse_store().

size_t normal_num
size_t normal_size

Referenced by parse_normal().

int normal_stock_max
int normal_stock_min
struct object_kind** normal_table
struct owner* owner
struct owner* owners
unsigned int sidx
struct object* stock
struct object* stock_k
byte stock_num
s16b stock_size
int turnover

Referenced by parse_turnover(), and store_maint().

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