Data Fields
project_monster_handler_context_s Struct Reference

Monster handlers


Data Fields

const struct source origin
const int r
const int y
const int x
int dam
const int type
bool seen
const bool id
struct monstermon
struct monster_lorelore
bool obvious
bool skipped
u16b flag
int do_poly
int teleport_distance
enum mon_messages hurt_msg
enum mon_messages die_msg
int mon_timed [MON_TMD_MAX]

Detailed Description

Monster handlers

Field Documentation

int dam
enum mon_messages die_msg
int do_poly
u16b flag
enum mon_messages hurt_msg
const bool id
struct monster_lore* lore
struct monster* mon
int mon_timed[MON_TMD_MAX]
bool obvious
const struct source origin

Referenced by adjust_radius().

bool seen
bool skipped
int teleport_distance
const int type

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