Data Fields
player_options Struct Reference

The option data structures. More...

#include <option.h>

Data Fields

bool opt [OPT_MAX]
 Options. More...
byte hitpoint_warn
 Hitpoint warning (0 to 9) More...
u16b lazymove_delay
 Delay in cs before moving to allow another key. More...
byte delay_factor
 Delay factor (0 to 9) More...
byte name_suffix
 Numeric suffix for player name. More...

Detailed Description

The option data structures.

Field Documentation

◆ delay_factor

byte delay_factor

◆ hitpoint_warn

byte hitpoint_warn

Hitpoint warning (0 to 9)

Referenced by do_cmd_hp_warn(), player_hp_attr(), player_sp_attr(), rd_options(), take_hit(), and wr_options().

◆ lazymove_delay

u16b lazymove_delay

Delay in cs before moving to allow another key.

Referenced by do_cmd_lazymove_delay(), rd_options(), textui_get_aim_dir(), textui_get_rep_dir(), and wr_options().

◆ name_suffix

byte name_suffix

Numeric suffix for player name.

Referenced by rd_player(), and wr_player().

◆ opt

bool opt[OPT_MAX]

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