Data Fields
player_class Struct Reference

Player class info. More...

#include <player.h>

Data Fields

struct player_classnext
const char * name
unsigned int cidx
const char * title [10]
 Titles. More...
int c_adj [STAT_MAX]
 Stat modifier. More...
int c_skills [SKILL_MAX]
 Class skills. More...
int x_skills [SKILL_MAX]
 Extra skills. More...
int c_mhp
 Hit-dice adjustment. More...
int c_exp
 Experience factor. More...
bitflag flags [OF_SIZE]
 (Object) flags More...
bitflag pflags [PF_SIZE]
 (Player) flags More...
int max_attacks
 Maximum possible attacks. More...
int min_weight
 Minimum weapon weight for calculations. More...
int att_multiply
 Multiplier for attack calculations. More...
struct start_itemstart_items
 Starting inventory. More...
struct class_magic magic
 Magic spells. More...

Detailed Description

Player class info.

Field Documentation

◆ att_multiply

int att_multiply

Multiplier for attack calculations.

Referenced by calc_blows(), parse_class_str_mult(), and test_strength_multiplier0().

◆ c_adj

int c_adj[STAT_MAX]

◆ c_exp

int c_exp

Experience factor.

Referenced by class_help(), and player_generate().

◆ c_mhp

int c_mhp

Hit-dice adjustment.

Referenced by class_help(), parse_class_hitdie(), player_generate(), and test_hitdie0().

◆ c_skills

int c_skills[SKILL_MAX]

◆ cidx

unsigned int cidx

◆ flags

bitflag flags[OF_SIZE]

(Object) flags

Referenced by class_help(), parse_class_obj_flags(), player_flags(), and test_flags1().

◆ magic

struct class_magic magic

◆ max_attacks

int max_attacks

Maximum possible attacks.

Referenced by calc_blows(), generate_stats(), parse_class_max_attacks(), and test_max_attacks0().

◆ min_weight

int min_weight

Minimum weapon weight for calculations.

Referenced by calc_blows(), parse_class_min_weight(), and test_min_weight0().

◆ name

const char* name

◆ next

struct player_class* next

◆ pflags

bitflag pflags[PF_SIZE]

(Player) flags

Referenced by calc_bonuses(), class_help(), parse_class_play_flags(), and test_flags0().

◆ start_items

struct start_item* start_items

Starting inventory.

Referenced by cleanup_class(), parse_class_equip(), player_outfit(), and test_equip0().

◆ title

const char* title[10]

◆ x_skills

int x_skills[SKILL_MAX]

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