Data Fields
monster_race Struct Reference

Monster "race" information, including racial memories. More...

#include <monster.h>

Data Fields

struct monster_racenext
unsigned int ridx
char * name
char * text
char * plural
struct monster_basebase
int avg_hp
int ac
int sleep
int hearing
int smell
int speed
int light
int mexp
int freq_innate
int freq_spell
int spell_power
bitflag flags [RF_SIZE]
bitflag spell_flags [RSF_SIZE]
struct monster_blowblow
int level
int rarity
byte d_attr
wchar_t d_char
byte max_num
int cur_num
struct monster_dropdrops
struct monster_friendsfriends
struct monster_friends_basefriends_base
struct monster_mimicmimic_kinds
struct monster_shapeshapes
int num_shapes

Detailed Description

Monster "race" information, including racial memories.

Note that "d_attr" and "d_char" are used for MORE than "visual" stuff.

Note that "cur_num" (and "max_num") represent the number of monsters of the given race currently on (and allowed on) the current level. This information yields the "dead" flag for Unique monsters.

Note that "max_num" is reset when a new player is created. Note that "cur_num" is reset when a new level is created.

Maybe "cur_num", and "max_num" should be moved out of this array since they are not read from "monster.txt".

Field Documentation

◆ ac

int ac

◆ avg_hp

int avg_hp

◆ base

struct monster_base* base

◆ blow

struct monster_blow* blow

◆ cur_num

int cur_num

◆ d_attr

byte d_attr

◆ d_char

wchar_t d_char

◆ drops

struct monster_drop* drops

◆ flags

bitflag flags[RF_SIZE]

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◆ freq_innate

int freq_innate

◆ freq_spell

int freq_spell

◆ friends

struct monster_friends* friends

◆ friends_base

struct monster_friends_base* friends_base

◆ hearing

int hearing

◆ level

◆ light

int light

◆ max_num

byte max_num

◆ mexp

int mexp

◆ mimic_kinds

struct monster_mimic* mimic_kinds

◆ name

char* name

◆ next

struct monster_race* next

◆ num_shapes

int num_shapes

◆ plural

char* plural

◆ rarity

int rarity

◆ ridx

unsigned int ridx

◆ shapes

struct monster_shape* shapes

◆ sleep

int sleep

◆ smell

int smell

◆ speed

int speed

◆ spell_flags

bitflag spell_flags[RSF_SIZE]

◆ spell_power

int spell_power

◆ text

char* text

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