Data Fields
menu Struct Reference

#include <ui-menu.h>

Data Fields

const char * header
 Public variables. More...
const char * title
const char * prompt
const char * selections
char * inscriptions
const char * cmd_keys
const char * switch_keys
void(* browse_hook )(int oid, void *db, const region *loc)
int flags
region boundary
 Private variables. More...
int filter_count
const intfilter_list
int count
const menu_skinskin
const menu_iterrow_funcs
int cursor
int top
region active
int cursor_x_offset

Field Documentation

◆ active

region active

◆ boundary

region boundary

◆ browse_hook

void(* browse_hook) (int oid, void *db, const region *loc)

◆ cmd_keys

const char* cmd_keys

◆ count

int count

◆ cursor

int cursor

◆ cursor_x_offset

int cursor_x_offset

◆ filter_count

int filter_count

◆ filter_list

const int* filter_list

◆ flags

int flags

◆ header

const char* header

◆ inscriptions

char* inscriptions

Referenced by get_cursor_key(), and item_menu().

◆ menu_data

void* menu_data

◆ prompt

const char* prompt

◆ row_funcs

const menu_iter* row_funcs

◆ selections

const char* selections

◆ skin

◆ switch_keys

const char* switch_keys

Referenced by item_menu(), and menu_select().

◆ title

const char* title

◆ top

int top

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