Data Fields
feature Struct Reference

Information about terrain features. More...

#include <cave.h>

Data Fields

char * name
char * desc
int fidx
struct featurenext
char * mimic
 Name of feature to mimic. More...
byte priority
 Display priority. More...
byte shopnum
 Which shop does it take you to? More...
byte dig
 How hard is it to dig through? More...
bitflag flags [TF_SIZE]
 Terrain flags. More...
byte d_attr
 Default feature attribute. More...
wchar_t d_char
 Default feature character. More...

Detailed Description

Information about terrain features.

At the moment this isn't very much, but eventually a primitive flag-based information system will be used here.

Field Documentation

byte d_attr

Default feature attribute.

Referenced by parse_feat_graphics(), reset_visuals(), and test_graphics0().

wchar_t d_char

Default feature character.

Referenced by feat_order(), parse_feat_graphics(), reset_visuals(), and test_graphics0().

char* desc

Referenced by feat_lore(), and parse_feat_desc().

byte dig

How hard is it to dig through?

Referenced by parse_feat_info(), square_digging(), and test_info0().

int fidx
bitflag flags[TF_SIZE]
char* mimic
char* name
struct feature* next
byte priority

Display priority.

Referenced by display_map(), parse_feat_priority(), and test_priority0().

byte shopnum

Which shop does it take you to?

Referenced by parse_feat_info(), square_shopnum(), and test_info0().

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