Data Fields
ego_item Struct Reference

Information about ego-items. More...

#include <object.h>

Data Fields

struct ego_itemnext
char * name
char * text
u32b eidx
int cost
bitflag flags [OF_SIZE]
 Flags. More...
bitflag flags_off [OF_SIZE]
 Flags to remove. More...
bitflag kind_flags [KF_SIZE]
 Kind flags. More...
random_value modifiers [OBJ_MOD_MAX]
int min_modifiers [OBJ_MOD_MAX]
struct element_info el_info [ELEM_MAX]
bool * brands
bool * slays
 Array of curse powers. More...
int rating
int alloc_prob
int alloc_min
 Chance of being generated (i.e. More...
int alloc_max
 Minimum depth (can appear earlier) More...
struct poss_itemposs_items
 Maximum depth (will NEVER appear deeper) More...
random_value to_h
random_value to_d
random_value to_a
int min_to_h
int min_to_d
int min_to_a
struct effecteffect
 Effect this item produces (effects.c) More...
char * effect_msg
random_value time
 Recharge time (rods/activation) More...
bool everseen

Detailed Description

Information about ego-items.

Field Documentation

int alloc_max

Minimum depth (can appear earlier)

Referenced by ego_find_random(), and parse_ego_alloc().

int alloc_min

Chance of being generated (i.e.


Referenced by alloc_init_egos(), ego_find_random(), and parse_ego_alloc().

int alloc_prob

Referenced by alloc_init_egos(), and parse_ego_alloc().

bool* brands
int cost

Referenced by parse_ego_info(), and test_info0().

int* curses

Array of curse powers.

Referenced by cleanup_ego(), ego_apply_magic(), parse_ego_curse(), and player_knows_ego().

struct effect* effect

Effect this item produces (effects.c)

Referenced by cleanup_ego(), ego_apply_magic(), parse_ego_dice(), parse_ego_effect(), and rd_item().

char* effect_msg
u32b eidx
struct element_info el_info[ELEM_MAX]
bool everseen
bitflag flags[OF_SIZE]
bitflag flags_off[OF_SIZE]

Flags to remove.

Referenced by ego_apply_magic(), object_flags_known(), and parse_ego_flags_off().

bitflag kind_flags[KF_SIZE]

Kind flags.

Referenced by describe_ego(), ego_apply_magic(), and parse_ego_flags().

int min_modifiers[OBJ_MOD_MAX]
int min_to_a
int min_to_d
int min_to_h
char* name
struct ego_item* next

Referenced by finish_parse_ego(), and parse_ego_name().

struct poss_item* poss_items
int rating

Referenced by parse_ego_info(), and test_info0().

bool* slays
char* text

Recharge time (rods/activation)

Referenced by ego_apply_magic(), and parse_ego_time().

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