Data Fields
effect Struct Reference

Effect. More...

#include <object.h>

Data Fields

struct effectnext
u16b index
 The effect index. More...
 Dice expression used in the effect. More...
int y
 Y coordinate or distance. More...
int x
 X coordinate or distance. More...
int subtype
 Projection type, timed effect type, etc. More...
int radius
 Radius of the effect (if it has one) More...
int other
 Extra parameter to be passed to the handler. More...
char * msg
 Message for deth or whatever. More...

Detailed Description


Field Documentation

◆ dice

dice_t* dice

◆ index

u16b index

◆ msg

char* msg

Message for deth or whatever.

Referenced by effect_do(), parse_class_effect_msg(), and parse_shape_effect_msg().

◆ next

struct effect* next

◆ other

int other

Extra parameter to be passed to the handler.

Referenced by describe_effect(), effect_do(), effect_simple(), grab_effect_data(), and spell_effect_append_value_info().

◆ radius

int radius

◆ subtype

int subtype

◆ x

int x

◆ y

int y

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