Data Fields
blow_effect Struct Reference

#include <mon-blows.h>

Data Fields

char * name
int power
int eval
char * desc
byte lore_attr
byte lore_attr_resist
byte lore_attr_immune
char * effect_type
int resist
int lash_type
struct blow_effectnext

Field Documentation

◆ desc

char* desc

◆ effect_type

char* effect_type

◆ eval

int eval

Referenced by parse_eff_eval().

◆ lash_type

int lash_type

◆ lore_attr

byte lore_attr

Referenced by blow_color(), and parse_eff_lore_color().

◆ lore_attr_immune

byte lore_attr_immune

◆ lore_attr_resist

byte lore_attr_resist

◆ name

char* name

◆ next

struct blow_effect* next

◆ power

int power

◆ resist

int resist

Referenced by blow_color(), and parse_eff_resist().

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