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string.c File Reference
#include "unit-test.h"
#include "z-virt.h"


NOSETUP NOTEARDOWN int test_string_make (void *state)
int test_string_make_null (void *state)
int test_string_free_null (void *state)
int test_string_append (void *state)
int test_string_append_null0 (void *state)
int test_string_append_null1 (void *state)
int test_string_append_null2 (void *state)


const char * suite_name = "z-virt/string"
struct test tests []

Function Documentation

◆ test_string_append()

int test_string_append ( void state)

◆ test_string_append_null0()

int test_string_append_null0 ( void state)

◆ test_string_append_null1()

int test_string_append_null1 ( void state)

◆ test_string_append_null2()

int test_string_append_null2 ( void state)

References ok, require, and string_append().

◆ test_string_free_null()

int test_string_free_null ( void state)

References ok, and string_free().

◆ test_string_make()

NOSETUP NOTEARDOWN int test_string_make ( void state)

References ok, require, s1, string_free(), and string_make().

◆ test_string_make_null()

int test_string_make_null ( void state)

References ok, require, s1, and string_make().

Variable Documentation

◆ suite_name

const char* suite_name = "z-virt/string"

Referenced by main().

◆ tests

struct test tests[]
Initial value:
= {
{ "make", test_string_make },
{ "make-null", test_string_make_null },
{ "free-null", test_string_free_null },
{ "append", test_string_append },
{ "append-null0", test_string_append_null0 },
{ "append-null1", test_string_append_null1 },
{ "append-null2", test_string_append_null2 },
int test_string_append(void *state)
Definition: string.c:28
int test_string_append_null2(void *state)
Definition: string.c:56
int test_string_make_null(void *state)
Definition: string.c:17
int test_string_append_null1(void *state)
Definition: string.c:47
NOSETUP NOTEARDOWN int test_string_make(void *state)
Definition: string.c:9
int test_string_append_null0(void *state)
Definition: string.c:39
int test_string_free_null(void *state)
Definition: string.c:23

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