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source.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  source


struct source source_none (void)
struct source source_trap (struct trap *)
struct source source_monster (int who)
struct source source_player (void)
struct source source_object (struct object *)
struct source source_chest_trap (struct chest_trap *chest_trap)

Function Documentation

◆ source_chest_trap()

struct source source_chest_trap ( struct chest_trap chest_trap)

◆ source_monster()

struct source source_monster ( int  who)

◆ source_none()

struct source source_none ( void  )

◆ source_object()

struct source source_object ( struct object )

◆ source_player()

struct source source_player ( void  )

◆ source_trap()

struct source source_trap ( struct trap )