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19 #ifndef QUEST_H
20 #define QUEST_H
22 /* Quest list */
23 extern struct quest *quests;
25 /* Functions */
26 bool is_quest(int level);
27 void player_quests_reset(struct player *p);
28 void player_quests_free(struct player *p);
29 bool quest_check(const struct monster *m);
30 extern struct file_parser quests_parser;
33 #endif /* QUEST_H */
Monster information, for a specific monster.
Definition: monster.h:325
bool quest_check(const struct monster *m)
Check if this (now dead) monster is a quest monster, and act appropriately.
Definition: player-quest.c:219
struct file_parser quests_parser
Definition: player-quest.c:129
struct quest * quests
Array of quests.
Definition: player-quest.c:31
Definition: game-world.h:24
Structure for the "quests".
Definition: player.h:133
void player_quests_free(struct player *p)
Free the player quests.
Definition: player-quest.c:176
void player_quests_reset(struct player *p)
Copy all the standard quests to the player quest history.
Definition: player-quest.c:157
const char ** p[]
Definition: name.c:40
Definition: datafile.h:25
bool is_quest(int level)
Check if the given level is a quest level.
Definition: player-quest.c:140
Most of the "player" information goes here.
Definition: player.h:489