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19 #ifndef PLAYER_BIRTH_H
20 #define PLAYER_BIRTH_H
22 #include "cmd-core.h"
24 extern void player_init(struct player *p);
25 extern void player_generate(struct player *p, const struct player_race *r,
26  const struct player_class *c, bool old_history);
27 extern char *get_history(struct history_chart *h);
28 extern void wield_all(struct player *p);
30 void do_cmd_birth_init(struct command *cmd);
31 void do_cmd_birth_reset(struct command *cmd);
32 void do_cmd_choose_race(struct command *cmd);
33 void do_cmd_choose_class(struct command *cmd);
34 void do_cmd_buy_stat(struct command *cmd);
35 void do_cmd_sell_stat(struct command *cmd);
36 void do_cmd_reset_stats(struct command *cmd);
37 void do_cmd_roll_stats(struct command *cmd);
38 void do_cmd_prev_stats(struct command *cmd);
39 void do_cmd_choose_name(struct command *cmd);
40 void do_cmd_choose_history(struct command *cmd);
41 void do_cmd_accept_character(struct command *cmd);
43 char *find_roman_suffix_start(const char *buf);
45 #endif /* !PLAYER_BIRTH_H */
void wield_all(struct player *p)
Try to wield everything wieldable in the inventory.
Definition: player-birth.c:462
Player race info.
Definition: player.h:169
void do_cmd_prev_stats(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:1065
The struct command type is used to return details of the command the game should carry out...
Definition: cmd-core.h:176
void do_cmd_buy_stat(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:997
void do_cmd_choose_race(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:975
#define h
void do_cmd_accept_character(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:1106
void player_generate(struct player *p, const struct player_race *r, const struct player_class *c, bool old_history)
This fleshes out a full player based on the choices currently made, and so is called whenever things ...
Definition: player-birth.c:871
void player_init(struct player *p)
Definition: player-birth.c:394
Player class info.
Definition: player.h:305
void do_cmd_birth_init(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:930
png_bytep buf
Definition: libpng12/png.h:2815
void do_cmd_roll_stats(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:1031
Handles the queueing of game commands.
const char ** p[]
Definition: name.c:40
Definition: player.h:376
void do_cmd_choose_class(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:986
void do_cmd_birth_reset(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:967
void do_cmd_choose_name(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:1080
void do_cmd_reset_stats(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:1017
char * find_roman_suffix_start(const char *buf)
Roman numeral functions, for dynastic successions
Definition: player-birth.c:1202
void do_cmd_choose_history(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:1091
Most of the "player" information goes here.
Definition: player.h:503
char * get_history(struct history_chart *h)
Get the racial history, and social class, using the "history charts".
Definition: player-birth.c:329
void do_cmd_sell_stat(struct command *cmd)
Definition: player-birth.c:1007