player-birth.h File Reference

Character creation. More...

#include "cmd-core.h"

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void player_init (struct player *p)
void player_generate (struct player *p, const struct player_race *r, const struct player_class *c, bool old_history)
 This fleshes out a full player based on the choices currently made, and so is called whenever things like race or class are chosen. More...
char * get_history (struct history_chart *h)
 Get the racial history, and social class, using the "history charts". More...
void wield_all (struct player *p)
 Try to wield everything wieldable in the inventory. More...
void do_cmd_birth_init (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_birth_reset (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_choose_race (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_choose_class (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_buy_stat (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_sell_stat (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_reset_stats (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_roll_stats (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_prev_stats (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_choose_name (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_choose_history (struct command *cmd)
void do_cmd_accept_character (struct command *cmd)
char * find_roman_suffix_start (const char *buf)

Roman numeral functions, for dynastic successions


Detailed Description

Character creation.

Copyright (c) 1997 Ben Harrison, James E. Wilson, Robert A. Koeneke

This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either:

a) the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2, or

b) the "Angband licence": This software may be copied and distributed for educational, research, and not for profit purposes provided that this copyright and statement are included in all such copies. Other copyrights may also apply.

Function Documentation

◆ do_cmd_accept_character()

void do_cmd_accept_character ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_birth_init()

void do_cmd_birth_init ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_birth_reset()

void do_cmd_birth_reset ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_buy_stat()

void do_cmd_buy_stat ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_choose_class()

void do_cmd_choose_class ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_choose_history()

void do_cmd_choose_history ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_choose_name()

void do_cmd_choose_name ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_choose_race()

void do_cmd_choose_race ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_prev_stats()

void do_cmd_prev_stats ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_reset_stats()

void do_cmd_reset_stats ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_roll_stats()

void do_cmd_roll_stats ( struct command cmd)

◆ do_cmd_sell_stat()

void do_cmd_sell_stat ( struct command cmd)

◆ find_roman_suffix_start()

char* find_roman_suffix_start ( const char *  buf)

Roman numeral functions, for dynastic successions

Find the start of a possible Roman numerals suffix by going back from the end of the string to a space, then checking that all the remaining chars are valid Roman numerals.

Return the start position, or NULL if there isn't a valid suffix.

References p, and start.

Referenced by do_cmd_birth_init(), and player_safe_name().

◆ get_history()

char* get_history ( struct history_chart h)

Get the racial history, and social class, using the "history charts".

References history_chart::entries, history_entry::next, randint1, history_entry::roll, string_append(), history_entry::succ, and history_entry::text.

Referenced by do_cmd_roll_stats(), player_generate(), and test_0().

◆ player_generate()

void player_generate ( struct player p,
const struct player_race r,
const struct player_class c,
bool  old_history 

◆ player_init()

void player_init ( struct player p)

◆ wield_all()

void wield_all ( struct player p)