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20 #ifndef OBJECT_INFO_H
21 #define OBJECT_INFO_H
23 #include "z-textblock.h"
28 typedef enum {
29  OINFO_NONE = 0x00, /* No options */
30  OINFO_TERSE = 0x01, /* Keep descriptions brief, e.g. for dumps */
31  OINFO_SUBJ = 0x02, /* Describe object from the character's POV */
32  OINFO_EGO = 0x04, /* Describe an ego template */
33  OINFO_FAKE = 0x08, /* Describe any template */
34  OINFO_SPOIL = 0x10, /* Description is for spoilers */
41 enum {
63 };
65 textblock *object_info(const struct object *obj, oinfo_detail_t mode);
67 void object_info_spoil(ang_file *f, const struct object *obj, int wrap);
68 void object_info_chardump(ang_file *f, const struct object *obj, int indent, int wrap);
70 #endif /* OBJECT_INFO_H */
Definition: obj-info.h:62
Definition: obj-info.h:30
Text output bugger (?NRM) code.
Definition: obj-info.h:44
Definition: obj-info.h:34
Definition: obj-info.h:50
Definition: obj-info.h:51
Definition: obj-info.h:33
Definition: z-file.c:268
Definition: obj-info.h:54
Definition: obj-info.h:47
Definition: obj-info.h:56
Definition: obj-info.h:60
Definition: obj-info.h:59
textblock * object_info(const struct object *obj, oinfo_detail_t mode)
Provide information on an item, including how it would affect the current player's state...
Definition: obj-info.c:2209
Definition: obj-info.h:61
Definition: obj-info.h:52
Definition: obj-info.h:29
Modes for object_info()
Definition: obj-info.h:28
textblock * object_info_ego(struct ego_item *ego)
Provide information on an ego-item type.
Definition: obj-info.c:2218
Definition: obj-info.h:57
Definition: obj-info.h:53
Definition: obj-info.h:55
Definition: obj-info.h:49
Information about ego-items.
Definition: object.h:328
void object_info_chardump(ang_file *f, const struct object *obj, int indent, int wrap)
Provide information on an item suitable for writing to the character dump.
Definition: obj-info.c:2254
void object_info_spoil(ang_file *f, const struct object *obj, int wrap)
Provide spoiler information on an item.
Definition: obj-info.c:2269
Definition: obj-info.h:46
Definition: obj-info.h:32
Definition: obj-info.h:45
Definition: obj-info.h:48
struct ego_item * ego
Ego item info of the object, if any.
Definition: object.h:420
Definition: obj-info.h:31
Definition: obj-info.h:58
Definition: obj-info.h:42
Definition: obj-info.h:43
Definition: z-textblock.c:33