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20 bool monster_is_nonliving(const struct monster *mon);
21 bool monster_is_destroyed(const struct monster *mon);
22 bool monster_passes_walls(const struct monster *mon);
23 bool monster_is_invisible(const struct monster *mon);
24 bool monster_is_unique(const struct monster *mon);
25 bool monster_is_stupid(const struct monster *mon);
26 bool monster_is_smart(const struct monster *mon);
27 bool monster_is_evil(const struct monster *mon);
28 bool monster_is_powerful(const struct monster *mon);
30 bool monster_is_in_view(const struct monster *mon);
31 bool monster_is_visible(const struct monster *mon);
32 bool monster_is_camouflaged(const struct monster *mon);
33 bool monster_is_obvious(const struct monster *mon);
34 bool monster_is_mimicking(const struct monster *mon);
Monster information, for a specific monster.
Definition: monster.h:323
bool monster_is_in_view(const struct monster *mon)
Temporary monster properties
Definition: mon-predicate.c:110
bool monster_is_nonliving(const struct monster *mon)
Permanent monster properties
Definition: mon-predicate.c:30
bool monster_is_obvious(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is recognisably a monster to the player.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:134
bool monster_is_powerful(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is powerful.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:97
bool monster_is_destroyed(const struct monster *mon)
Nonliving and stupid monsters are destroyed rather than dying.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:39
bool monster_is_mimicking(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is currently mimicking an item.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:142
bool monster_is_invisible(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is invisible.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:57
bool monster_is_camouflaged(const struct monster *mon)
Player doesn't recognise the monster as a monster.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:126
bool monster_is_stupid(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:73
bool monster_is_unique(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is unique.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:65
bool monster_is_evil(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is evil.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:89
bool monster_passes_walls(const struct monster *mon)
Monster can pass through walls.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:48
bool monster_is_smart(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is smart.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:81
bool monster_is_visible(const struct monster *mon)
Monster is visible to the player.
Definition: mon-predicate.c:118