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20 #ifndef MON_BLOWS_H
21 #define MON_BLOWS_H
23 #include "player.h"
24 #include "monster.h"
26 struct blow_message {
27  char *act_msg;
28  struct blow_message *next;
29 };
31 struct blow_method {
32  char *name;
33  bool cut;
34  bool stun;
35  bool miss;
36  bool phys;
37  int msgt;
40  char *desc;
41  struct blow_method *next;
42 };
55  struct player * const p;
56  struct monster * const mon;
57  struct monster * const t_mon;
58  const int rlev;
59  const struct blow_method *method;
60  const int ac;
61  const char *ddesc;
62  bool obvious;
63  bool blinked;
64  int damage;
72 struct blow_effect {
73  char *name;
74  int power;
75  int eval;
76  char *desc;
77  byte lore_attr; /* Color of the attack used in lore text */
78  byte lore_attr_resist; /* Color used in lore text when resisted */
79  byte lore_attr_immune; /* Color used in lore text when resisted strongly */
80  char *effect_type;
81  int resist;
82  int lash_type;
83  struct blow_effect *next;
84 };
88 /* Functions */
89 int blow_index(const char *name);
90 char *monster_blow_method_action(struct blow_method *method, int midx);
93 #endif /* MON_BLOWS_H */
struct blow_effect * blow_effects
Definition: mon-blows.h:86
int damage
Definition: mon-blows.h:64
typedef void(PNGAPI *png_error_ptr) PNGARG((png_structp
bool blinked
Definition: mon-blows.h:63
Monster information, for a specific monster.
Definition: monster.h:369
Definition: mon-blows.h:31
struct blow_effect * next
Definition: mon-blows.h:83
int num_messages
Definition: mon-blows.h:39
char * act_msg
Definition: mon-blows.h:27
int power
Definition: mon-blows.h:74
uint8_t byte
Definition: h-basic.h:167
void(* melee_effect_handler_f)(melee_effect_handler_context_t *)
Melee blow effect handler.
Definition: mon-blows.h:70
struct player *const p
Definition: mon-blows.h:55
Player implementation.
char * name
Definition: mon-blows.h:32
Storage for context information for effect handlers called in make_attack_normal().
Definition: mon-blows.h:54
char * monster_blow_method_action(struct blow_method *method, int midx)
Print a monster blow message.
Definition: mon-blows.c:74
const int ac
Definition: mon-blows.h:60
Definition: mon-blows.h:72
bool obvious
Definition: mon-blows.h:62
const struct blow_method * method
Definition: mon-blows.h:59
int msgt
Definition: mon-blows.h:37
char * effect_type
Definition: mon-blows.h:80
struct blow_message * messages
Definition: mon-blows.h:38
struct blow_message * next
Definition: mon-blows.h:28
const char * ddesc
Definition: mon-blows.h:61
int blow_index(const char *name)
Monster blow effect helper functions
Definition: mon-blows.c:163
Flags, structures and variables for monsters.
bool miss
Definition: mon-blows.h:35
melee_effect_handler_f melee_handler_for_blow_effect(const char *name)
Monster blow melee handler selection
Definition: mon-blows.c:1074
struct melee_effect_handler_context_s melee_effect_handler_context_t
Storage for context information for effect handlers called in make_attack_normal().
struct blow_method * next
Definition: mon-blows.h:41
bool phys
Definition: mon-blows.h:36
char * desc
Definition: mon-blows.h:76
struct monster *const t_mon
Definition: mon-blows.h:57
int resist
Definition: mon-blows.h:81
const int rlev
Definition: mon-blows.h:58
char * desc
Definition: mon-blows.h:40
struct monster *const mon
Definition: mon-blows.h:56
int eval
Definition: mon-blows.h:75
Intialize random names
Definition: init.c:847
char * name
Definition: mon-blows.h:73
struct blow_method * blow_methods
Definition: mon-blows.h:44
byte lore_attr_resist
Definition: mon-blows.h:78
Most of the "player" information goes here.
Definition: player.h:489
bool cut
Definition: mon-blows.h:33
int method
Definition: libpng12/png.h:1874
int lash_type
Definition: mon-blows.h:82
Definition: mon-blows.h:26
byte lore_attr_immune
Definition: mon-blows.h:79
bool stun
Definition: mon-blows.h:34
byte lore_attr
Definition: mon-blows.h:77