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11 /* symbol descr */
12 TF(NONE, "")
13 TF(LOS, "Allows line of sight")
14 TF(PROJECT, "Allows projections to pass through")
15 TF(PASSABLE, "Can be passed through by all creatures")
16 TF(INTERESTING,"Is noticed on looking around")
17 TF(PERMANENT, "Is permanent")
18 TF(EASY, "Is easily passed through")
19 TF(TRAP, "Can hold a trap")
20 TF(NO_SCENT, "Cannot store scent")
21 TF(NO_FLOW, "No flow through")
22 TF(OBJECT, "Can hold objects")
23 TF(TORCH, "Becomes bright when torch-lit")
24 TF(HIDDEN, "Can be found by searching")
25 TF(GOLD, "Contains treasure")
26 TF(CLOSABLE, "Can be closed")
27 TF(FLOOR, "Is a clear floor")
28 TF(WALL, "Is a solid wall")
29 TF(ROCK, "Is rocky")
30 TF(GRANITE, "Is a granite rock wall")
31 TF(DOOR_ANY, "Is any door")
32 TF(DOOR_CLOSED,"Is a closed door")
33 TF(SHOP, "Is a shop")
34 TF(DOOR_JAMMED,"Is a jammed door")
35 TF(DOOR_LOCKED,"Is a locked door")
36 TF(MAGMA, "Is a magma seam")
37 TF(QUARTZ, "Is a quartz seam")
38 TF(STAIR, "Is a stair")
39 TF(UPSTAIR, "Is an up staircase")
40 TF(DOWNSTAIR, "Is a down staircase")
41 TF(SMOOTH, "Should have smooth boundaries")
42 TF(BRIGHT, "Is internally lit")
43 TF(FIERY, "Is fire-based")
Use the roguelike command false Show damage player deals to false Always pickup false Show flavors in object false Highlight player with cursor between false Show walls as solid false false Center map false Automatically clear more false Allow mouse clicks to move the true Show effective speed as false false false false false Generate connected true Word of Recall has no false Stack objects on the floor
Definition: list-options.h:82
An actual trap.
Definition: trap.h:82
struct projection * projections
Definition: project.c:33
#define TF(a, b)
Definition: cave.h:74
Definition: store.h:57