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11 /* symbol descr */
13 SQUARE(MARK, "memorized feature")
14 SQUARE(GLOW, "self-illuminating")
15 SQUARE(VAULT, "part of a vault")
16 SQUARE(ROOM, "part of a room")
17 SQUARE(SEEN, "seen flag")
18 SQUARE(VIEW, "view flag")
19 SQUARE(WASSEEN, "previously seen (during update)")
20 SQUARE(FEEL, "hidden points to trigger feelings")
21 SQUARE(TRAP, "square containing a known trap")
22 SQUARE(INVIS, "square containing an unknown trap")
23 SQUARE(WALL_INNER, "inner wall generation flag")
24 SQUARE(WALL_OUTER, "outer wall generation flag")
25 SQUARE(WALL_SOLID, "solid wall generation flag")
26 SQUARE(MON_RESTRICT,"no random monster flag")
27 SQUARE(NO_TELEPORT, "player can't teleport from this square")
28 SQUARE(NO_MAP, "square can't be magically mapped")
29 SQUARE(NO_ESP, "telepathy doesn't work on this square")
30 SQUARE(PROJECT, "marked for projection processing")
31 SQUARE(DTRAP, "trap detected square")
An actual trap.
Definition: trap.h:75
Monster information, for a specific monster.
Definition: monster.h:323
png_infop png_uint_32 flag
Definition: libpng12/png.h:2191
Element struct.
Definition: project.h:28
#define SQUARE(a, b)
Definition: cave.h:43
#define ROOM(a, b, c, d)
Definition: generate.h:206
Definition: cave.h:141
A struct representing a strategy for making a dice roll.
Definition: z-rand.h:40
Information about terrain features.
Definition: cave.h:90
Most of the "player" information goes here.
Definition: player.h:450
Use the roguelike command false Show damage player deals to false Always pickup false Show flavors in object false Highlight player with cursor between false Show walls as solid false false Center map false Automatically clear more false Allow mouse clicks to move the true Show effective speed as false false false false false Generate connected true Word of Recall has no false Stack objects on the true Show level feelings
Definition: list-options.h:86