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5 /* index description */
6 HIST(NONE, "")
7 HIST(PLAYER_BIRTH, "Player was born")
8 HIST(ARTIFACT_UNKNOWN, "Player found but not IDd an artifact")
9 HIST(ARTIFACT_KNOWN, "Player has IDed an artifact")
10 HIST(ARTIFACT_LOST, "Player had an artifact and lost it")
11 HIST(PLAYER_DEATH, "Player has been slain")
12 HIST(SLAY_UNIQUE, "Player has slain a unique monster")
13 HIST(USER_INPUT, "User-added note")
14 HIST(SAVEFILE_IMPORT, "Added when an older version savefile is imported")
15 HIST(GAIN_LEVEL, "Player gained a level")
16 HIST(GENERIC, "Anything else not covered here (unused)")
Monster information, for a specific monster.
Definition: monster.h:325
Definition: game-world.h:24
u32b version
Definition: savefile.c:103
char savefile[1024]
Buffer to hold the current savefile name.
Definition: ui-game.c:62
Information about artifacts.
Definition: object.h:244
#define HIST(a, b)
Definition: player-history.h:28
void note(const char *message)
Definition: savefile.c:177