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5 /* index description */
6 HIST(NONE, "")
7 HIST(PLAYER_BIRTH, "Player was born")
8 HIST(ARTIFACT_UNKNOWN, "Player found but not IDd an artifact")
9 HIST(ARTIFACT_KNOWN, "Player has IDed an artifact")
10 HIST(ARTIFACT_LOST, "Player had an artifact and lost it")
11 HIST(PLAYER_DEATH, "Player has been slain")
12 HIST(SLAY_UNIQUE, "Player has slain a unique monster")
13 HIST(USER_INPUT, "User-added note")
14 HIST(SAVEFILE_IMPORT, "Added when an older version savefile is imported")
15 HIST(GAIN_LEVEL, "Player gained a level")
16 HIST(GENERIC, "Anything else not covered here (unused)")
Use the roguelike command false Show damage player deals to false Always pickup false Show flavors in object false Highlight player with cursor between false Show walls as solid false false Center map false Automatically clear more false Allow mouse clicks to move the true false false false false false Generate a random artifact false Force player false Restrict creation of false Lose artifacts when leaving level
Definition: list-options.h:86
Monster information, for a specific monster.
Definition: monster.h:323
u32b version
Definition: savefile.c:103
char savefile[1024]
Buffer to hold the current savefile name.
Definition: ui-game.c:62
Information about artifacts.
Definition: object.h:238
#define HIST(a, b)
Definition: player-history.h:28
void note(const char *message)
Definition: savefile.c:177