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13 /* slot acid_v name mention heavy decribe describe */
14 EQUIP(NONE, false, false, "", "", "")
15 EQUIP(WEAPON, false, false, "Wielding", "just lifting", "attacking monsters with")
16 EQUIP(BOW, false, false, "Shooting", "just holding", "shooting missiles with")
17 EQUIP(RING, false, true, "On %s", "", "wearing on your %s")
18 EQUIP(AMULET, false, true, "Around %s", "", "wearing around your %s")
19 EQUIP(LIGHT, false, false, "Light source", "", "using to light your way")
20 EQUIP(BODY_ARMOR, true, true, "On %s", "", "wearing on your %s")
21 EQUIP(CLOAK, true, true, "On %s", "", "wearing on your %s")
22 EQUIP(SHIELD, true, true, "On %s", "", "wearing on your %s")
23 EQUIP(HAT, true, true, "On %s", "", "wearing on your %s")
24 EQUIP(GLOVES, true, true, "On %s", "", "wearing on your %s")
25 EQUIP(BOOTS, true, true, "On %s", "", "wearing on your %s")
Use the roguelike command false Show damage player deals to monsters
Definition: list-options.h:18
#define EQUIP(a, b, c, d, e, f)
Definition: source.h:7