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19 #ifndef GAME_WORLD_H
20 #define GAME_WORLD_H
22 #include "cave.h"
24 extern u16b daycount;
25 extern u32b seed_randart;
26 extern u32b seed_flavor;
27 extern s32b turn;
28 extern bool character_generated;
29 extern bool character_dungeon;
30 extern const byte extract_energy[200];
32 bool is_daytime(void);
33 int turn_energy(int speed);
34 void play_ambient_sound(void);
35 void process_world(struct chunk *c);
36 void on_new_level(void);
37 void process_player(void);
38 void run_game_loop(void);
40 #endif /* !GAME_WORLD_H */
uint16_t u16b
Definition: h-basic.h:169
void on_new_level(void)
Housekeeping on arriving on a new level.
Definition: game-world.c:846
uint32_t u32b
Definition: h-basic.h:172
uint8_t byte
Definition: h-basic.h:167
Definition: cave.h:153
void process_player(void)
Process player commands from the command queue, finishing when there is a command using energy (any r...
Definition: game-world.c:779
void process_world(struct chunk *c)
Handle things that need updating once every 10 game turns.
Definition: game-world.c:464
bool is_daytime(void)
Say whether it's daytime or not.
Definition: game-world.c:94
void play_ambient_sound(void)
Play an ambient sound dependent on dungeon level, and day or night in town.
Definition: game-world.c:226
u16b daycount
Definition: game-world.c:42
s32b turn
Definition: game-world.c:45
int turn_energy(int speed)
The amount of energy gained in a turn by a player or monster.
Definition: game-world.c:105
u32b seed_randart
Definition: game-world.c:43
void run_game_loop(void)
The main game loop.
Definition: game-world.c:914
Matters relating to the current dungeon level.
int32_t s32b
Definition: h-basic.h:173
bool character_generated
Definition: game-world.c:46
bool character_dungeon
Definition: game-world.c:47
const byte extract_energy[200]
This table allows quick conversion from "speed" to "energy" The basic function WAS ((S>=110) ...
Definition: game-world.c:67
u32b seed_flavor
Definition: game-world.c:44