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2 #ifndef DS_GFX_H
3 #define DS_GFX_H
5 #define C_RED 0x1
6 #define C_GREEN 0x2
7 #define C_BLUE 0x4
8 #define C_BRIGHT 0x8
10 extern u16b* tiles_bin; // rambank A + BG2(96k) + event queue(1k)
11  // tiles_bin extends thru most of rambank B
12  // the subscreen uses up all of rambank C
13 extern u16b* subfont_rgb_bin; // rambank D
14 extern u16b* subfont_bgr_bin; // rambank D + font_rgb(16k)
16 extern int total_tiles_used;
17 // y + 32 = draw on subscreen
18 void draw_tile(byte x, byte y, u16b tile);
19 void draw_char(byte x, byte y, char c);
20 void draw_color_char(byte x, byte y, char c, byte clr);
21 void draw_curs(byte x, byte y);
22 void render_all_windows();
23 void nds_init_fonts();
24 bool nds_load_kbd(); // now this is just kbd gfx
25 bool nds_load_tiles();
26 void swap_font(bool bottom);
27 void nds_fatal_err(const char* msg);
30 #endif
uint16_t u16b
Definition: h-basic.h:169
void draw_tile(byte x, byte y, u16b tile)
Definition: main-nds.c:1025
void render_all_windows()
void swap_font(bool bottom)
Definition: main-nds.c:1334
void draw_color_char(byte x, byte y, char c, byte clr)
Definition: main-nds.c:926
bool nds_load_kbd()
Definition: main-nds.c:1274
uint8_t byte
Definition: h-basic.h:167
void nds_init_fonts()
Definition: main-nds.c:1218
void draw_curs(byte x, byte y)
const char * msg
Definition: mon-msg.c:78
bool nds_load_tiles()
Definition: main-nds.c:1464
int total_tiles_used
void draw_char(byte x, byte y, char c)
Definition: main-nds.c:909
void nds_fatal_err(const char *msg)
Definition: main-nds.c:1239
u16b * subfont_bgr_bin
Definition: main-nds.c:36
u16b * subfont_rgb_bin
Definition: main-nds.c:35
u16b * tiles_bin
Definition: main-nds.c:39